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Welcome to Cosmic Entity's Bio Page. 
The comic is set around a camp fire, why they are there is unknown! from time to time other characters make a show, there is a subcomic but as its only a subcomic I'm not going to make a bio page on it.

Main Charters - 
Lunatic Moonshine -

Lunatic Moonshine
is a young and playful mage. he is always seems to play and mess around. 
he's the "silly" one of the comic. His type of humor is very similar to my own! Very Childish!

Sex: male 
Favorite things in life: Monkeys! 
What makes him, Him?: His silly humor!

Horrific Elf -

Horrific Elf is the "Farther" so to speak figure! He looks after lunatic, but just because he is the grown up one of the two, doesn't mean he can't have fun! He is more intelligent then lunatic and shows it! He also tends to think about things more, where lunatic just rushes in with out thinking of the consequences. 

Sex: male 
Favorite things in life: His coat
What makes him, Him?:
his ability to use magic easily and to out smart people.

Other characters -

The unknown Knight -

The knight
makes an appearance from time to time in the comic. 

Sex: male 
Favorite things in life: His sword 
What makes him, Him?: He's one cool dude! 

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